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Personalized computer repair and web design services

Specializing in home computer repair and designing effective custom websites for local businesses, BlueCurtain proudly serves the Okotoks and Calgary area. Whether you need your personal computer back up and running or need a brand new website for your company, we're here to help you every step along the way.

With over 19 combined years of computer service experience, our people handle even the most unconventional situations. So don't be afraid to ask questions, this is what we've been trained for.

Our vision: Custom technology solutions for everyone

Our mission (should you choose to accept us) is to treat every job as a unique challenge, and to create a solution that properly suits your needs. We'll take the time to make sure we really understand your requirements, and provide a fun, open, and easy going atmosphere. If your computer has crashed you're probably having a pretty bad day, and we aim to turn that around as quickly as possible -- and maybe even set you up better than you were before.

Our guarantee: We'll get it right the first time, or we'll fix it at no additional charge

Computer Repairs

Computer Repair: Our years of experience and extensive hardware testing allow us to be pretty confident in our diagnosis and repair process. Even so, once in a while we come across some new, particularly tenacious virus, or some other problem that's more involved than we might realise at first. If your problem persists, let us know within 30 days and we'll fix it again at no charge to you.

Web Design

Web Design: Every creative process goes through a certain amount of evolution before arriving at the final product, and web design is no different. Every project comes with a time allowance for changes and updates that carries through the development and up to 30 days after your site goes live.

Web Design
Setting new standards for IT support and web design.